Introducing The Null Hypotheses

The Null Hypotheses is my second blog. My main blog is The Nullspace, which is where I post my carefully edited meditations on serious subjects (usually something about politics, religion, economics, etc.). Unfortunately, due to time constraints and my perfectionist tendencies I am unable to post as regularly as one might expect of a blogger. Consequently, I created The Null Hypotheses as a place to post my thoughts on a more regular basis, but on a greater variety of subjects and with less meticulous editing (which is not to say I will skip thorough proofreading of everything I post — I’m still a perfectionist).

The reason I created a second blog instead of using The Nullspace for all my posts is that I do not want readers (or myself) to have to wade through a long list of posts on random subjects in order to find the most important posts (which may — hopefully — invite readers to engage in fruitful discussions and debates on important topics).

The title of this blog comes from the concept of the null hypothesis, which is “a statistical hypothesis that is tested for possible rejection under the assumption that it is true”. I think it is an apt title since it incorporates my online alias, Null, and also captures the fact that my posts here will be less meticulously researched and argued and thus may require somewhat of an assumption of truth on my part (it was also one of the few blog names I came up with that wasn’t already taken by someone who has long abandoned an excellently titled blog, like


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