Merry Christmas from The Water Project and Living Water International

Earlier this year my wife and I decided to look for a good charity that helps the poor around the world. There are many such charities and many ways in which such charities help the poor, but the charity we chose was The Water Project since access to clean water is an important and rather basic human need that we often take for granted here in the United States. On its website The Water Project describes its work as follows:

Using local labor and management, and donated funds, we help dig wells, build small dams, collect rain-water in large tanks, and filter dirty water with Biosand water filtration systems. We believe it is essential for assistance such as ours to be a help, not a hand-out.

Another reason my wife and I chose The Water Project is due to its Christian background:

We are simply a Christian non-profit.

… The work we do through The Water Project is for the good of the general public. The reason we do this work is because we are Christians… Our projects do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, ethnic or religious backgrounds. We serve others.

We believe that bringing water to those who need it most is a natural expression of how Jesus Christ teaches us all to live. We believe these essential, life-sustaining projects will help enable our partners to demonstrate what loving one’s neighbor is all about. We believe these water projects relieve suffering, open doors to education, stimulate economic development, and most importantly introduce a true and lasting hope.

So simply put, we follow the teaching of Jesus who has called each of us to act, in this world, for peace and justice by loving our neighbor — however, whenever and wherever we can.

We exist to see the world changed through this love. It is a simple message of hope in an increasingly difficult world.

The Water Project works by finding and partnering with various organizations and providing them with donated funds to help them work on projects like the construction or repair water wells. One of the nice things about The Water Project is that when you donate they send you a link with information on the particular water well your donation will help fund. They also send you a link when the well is complete, and I received such a link informing me that a new well in Rwanda has been completed just in time for Christmas.

This particular well was constructed by Living Water International, which is also a Christian charity dedicated to improving access to clean water as indicated by its motto: “water for life in Jesus’ name”.

This Christmas season I encourage you to donate to a charity such as The Water Project if you are financially able. Actually, I encourage you to donate throughout the year since water is such an important basic necessity that is needed every day.

Soli Deo gloria


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