Liebster Award

Despite the fact that I don’t post much I managed to receive a Liebster Award from starwarsanon. Thanks, Kiri!

I don’t care to pass on the award to anyone but will answer the questions she gave me.

Favorite TV show as a kid?

I guess that would have to be Doug.

Favorite local sports team?

I don’t really watch sports. The only sport I like to watch is Formula 1, but that is definitely not local.

Your theme song is:

The Imperial March. Obviously.

Beer, wine or liquor?

Moscato wine.

The movie version of my life would be titled:

No one would make a movie about my life. I lead a boring life, in a good way. So I guess the appropriate title would be Null.

If I could have one superpower, it would be:

Force Lightning. I’m an electrical engineer — just think of what I could do if I had the power to project electrical current from my fingertips!

It’s a Saturday morning at 10am. If I’m not sleeping, I’m:

Grumpy. Saturday morning is my day to catch up on my sleep from the rest of the week so I need a good reason to get up early. I might get up early on a Saturday to drive north for skiing or hiking, but even then I won’t be happy.

Something I said I’d never do, but did anyway was:

I would never say that I’ll never do something.

Wait, did I just say I’d never do something…and then do it?

If they could bottle my personality, the label would read:


WARNING: Do not take if you are an optimist and/or think “people are generally good”.

Of course, the pills would be red.

One thing people are surprised to find out about me is:

I don’t own a smartphone. Although I wouldn’t mind being able to read e-mails while I’m waiting for something or look up some information quickly, it’s not worth the expense of a data plan.

On a related note, I hate the slightly modernized 19th-century communication system that is “texting”.  The only good thing about “texting” and “apps” (I hate that half-word) is that pedestrians distracted by them are an endless source of amusement:

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to:

This is a tough one. I enjoy reading history and my two favorite subjects are World War II (especially Nazi Germany*) and the Roman Empire. I would love to visit historical sites in either Germany or Rome. I’m not sure which I would prefer, and it’s difficult to come up with a tie-breaker between the two. On the one hand, Germany also has the Autobahn — I could rent a German sports car (which I would like to do anyway) and take it for a spin with no speed limit. On the other hand, Rome also has Vatican City with its many wonders.

But why should I choose? The question does not specify a particular city or geographic location to choose, so I can answer “Europe” and go to both! For that matter, I could answer “the world” and go everywhere I want. Then I could visit WWII battlefields in other countries like France and Russia, Roman Carthage in Africa, both the European and Asian sides of Constantinople, etc.

*Reading history is how I learned the root of the “Liebster Award” before I’d even heard of the award. In letters to his wife German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel addressed her “Meine liebste Lu”, which translates to “My beloved Lu[cia]”.


3 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Yay! I’m glad you answered the questions. I don’t care if you pass on the award, I just love reading what people say.

    The “cynicism” is funny. We should probably never hang out in person then…I am way too optimistic for you! I could have guess that actually – your allegiance is with the dark side, mine with the light.

    Also – you should stop worrying about perfectionism and post more! I’d love to read more of what you say, Star Wars or not.

    • We get along well online so I’m sure we’d get along well in person. I get along fine with optimists, but due to my cynicism I more naturally gravitate toward pessimism.

      My cynicism is partly why I align with the dark side and dislike the Jedi — I can’t stand their misplaced self-righteousness and I see through their hypocrisy so easily. Plus, I find goody-two-shoes characters like the Jedi boring; villains like Darth Vader are so much more nuanced and interesting. The dark side’s ability of Force Lightning is the final bonus which draws me to the dark side :).

      As for my posting frequency, perfectionism isn’t the only issue. I have quite a few other hobbies and sometimes I just prefer to enjoy my them instead of blog. I will try to make an effort to post more often, though — I do have quite a few drafts that I need to finish and post.

      • I understand what you mean about the hobbies! Lately I’ve had little time to post as well.

        See, I find the Jedi and their self-righteousness interesting. They inadvertently brought about the the fall of their little club through Anakin. So much could have been prevented if they weren’t so rigid in their principles.

        I’m beginning to be more interested in the Sith, but it’s a slow process. I do believe Vader/Anakin is one of the more nuanced characters but the more I blog, the more I love writing about Palpatine. I can’t believe how manipulative he was and how GOOD he was at what he did. It’s quite amazing.

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